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WORD UP RADIO!!! is a format designed to appeal to the 25-65 male and female, grounded in classic hip-hop and old school R&B from the late 80’s-2000 but not excluding contemporary hits.


WORD UP RADIO!!! is available for block formats via Satellite or Internet server.  Radio stations across the country are adapting this particular format to attract mature numbers without sounding boring or overly ballad-driven. Frankly, your 35-65 demographic likes to have fun too!  Along with an increasingly popular format, you will also have energetic LIVE personalities that have influenced the genre and have history in it.





WORD UP RADIO!!! can not only generate revenue but it can save operating expenses.  It offsets the overhead expense because it is completely automated; we do ALL the work, you sit back and GAIN the market share.


This format has been proven to appeal to a younger and older audience because it combines the nostalgia of yesteryear with the fun, energetic social scene of today.


This format EXPANDS your listening audience; which works well with advertisers because many of your clients already know the music and have grown up in the era of its popularity.








WORD UP RADIO!!! is successful because the listeners know the music well, it has variety, tempo, and style, unlike most urban AC formats today. It crosses demographics regardless of age, race or social class. This format brings in new listeners while keeping your core audience listening. Does the format you use have the flexibility and potential to bring in and appeal to



WORD UP RADIO!!! does!


WORD UP RADIO!!! grounds itself to hits from 1985 through today.  It showcases 90’s superstars such as Mariah Carey, R Kelly, Outkast, Michael Jackson, Brandy, Blackstreet, LL Cool J, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, and Usher to name a few.









WORD UP RADIO!!! is 24-hr programming fed on an Internet-based delivery system.  We recommend the use of a BARIX ANNUNCICOM 1000 for optimum programming. It has balanced audio and supervised I/O.  It is ideal to serve as a gateway between IP PAGING, VoIP, and Intercom Systems.  Any type of basic high speed Internet (cable modem, DSL, "U-VERSE", etc.) can be used for this system but they MUST be reliable.  Satellite Internet (Sky-Blue, Hughes-net, etc.) has NOT been tested but might also work.


NOTE:  additional monthly "data plan" bandwidth limitations, usage fees, overage fees, and bad weather interruptions may apply if you have a satellite Internet Service Provider!







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